Make your life easier – Part 3

Don’t avoid digital help. Whilst there are many dystopian stories about how robots will take over the world, those projected realities are highly unlikely to ever manifest.

AI, big data and cloud storage can be our friend in making our life easier – which is what technology was always intended for!

Granted, we can easily become disconnected from the material and relational world around us if we immerse ourselves too completely in the digital world, so balance is always crucial – but still, we can be astute in how we use it.

These tips are all about how digital space can create more space in your life


Everyone seems to talk about ‘the cloud’ as if we all actually understand what that means. If you’re feeling left out, here’s a quick explanation. Storing information in the cloud means that you’re using someone else’s computer (called a hosting or cloud server, like Google Drive) to store your information, and that computer is always online. This means that you can access your information through the internet, from any device, in any location at any time – provided you have internet access.

Google, Microsoft, Dropbox – these are all good examples of cloud servers but there are literally hundreds of options.

The ultimate advantage to you is that your information is kept off-site. So… when you spill coffee on your laptop, a power-surge blows your desktop or you drop your phone in the loo, you don’t lose your data. You can store photos and family videos in the cloud. You might want to scan and save important documents – the options are limitless.

It also helps if you run a business. Instead of having an expensive local server, you can share all information in the cloud so that your team can access what they need. And again – should anything happen to a device (or everything in your office), you can keep valuable business information safe and accessible.


Most smartphones come with a built-in DA (Siri and Alexa are great examples), but we use them to do fun things like finding out the time in a different country and playing a specific song.

But, you can use your DA to set up tasks and reminders. This can range from phone calls that you need to make, emails you might need to follow up on in two to three months or everyday tasks like managing your shopping list.

If you couple this tip with cloud storage, you can create shared lists that anyone in your family or team can update. From shopping lists, monthly budgets and wish lists for holidays, birthdays and home improvements, integrating your use of Siri in your daily life will make your life WAY easier.

If there is something in your life that is causing stress because it’s clumsy or cumbersome, see how you can change it to make your life easier!

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