You can have everything you want…
but often, not all at the same time.

Am I doing the right things?

When you’re not confident managing your money, earning more money is not going to help. You need to talk with someone you trust, who can help you do the right things and learn how to relate to financial success.

What’s everyone else doing?

So many of us have a history of worrying about things like estate planning, high taxes, and which insurance company and financial products to choose. We work with people who feel exactly how you’re feeling now, helping them with great financial advice.

We live where your life meets your finances.

You cannot earn more than your self-worth!

Your life and wealth are so much more than just your bank account and position at work. At KLU Wealth we enable and empower you to unpack your values and assist you to build and preserve wealth!

Structure will set you free.

Want to start now?

You can take a quick online journey with our one-page plan solution. This allows us to simplify your financial plan into one, interactive page.

We improve lives.

Where do you see yourself as a South African investor? How do you feel about money? Would you invest in yourself?

These are some of the important questions that we help you ask in order to improve your life and your financial wellbeing.

Klu wealth is invested in building a healthier savings and financial planning culture in our country by empowering you, your family and staff.

Speak to us today about our introduction strategy for building sustainable wealth.

- Be more organized
- Remove anxiety around finances
- Hold yourself accountable
- Understand your personal relationship with money
- Have your own financial plan
- Develop your own investment philosophy
- Enjoy an independent perspective

Fee-based financial planning that puts you first.

What our clients say about us?

I am a practicing Advocate and a senior counsel at the Johannesburg Bar having practised as such for the past 28 years.

I have known Lesego Monareng and her entity from the time when her entity was incorporated to date. What an excellent financial services provider. They execute their professional duties with utmost diligence and skill. They take care of the financial interests of their clients. Their financial advice is well researched and predicated on the current market indicators and available products.

I do not regret any moment for having them as my financial advisors. They are beyond excellent as they always go an extra mile for their clients whom they keep updated and informed at all material times.

Adv Phillip Mokoena SC

One of our best financial decisions was to work with KLU Wealth for our financial planning. Lesego helped us put together a solid plan to achieve our goals, and more importantly, to stick to it. I highly recommend KLU Wealth.

Viwe Ndzamela

“Since 2020, KLU services have been my unwavering support through financial ups and downs. Lesego’s steadfast guidance has given me unparalleled peace of mind.”

Phumzile Manana

Over 15 years of a balanced team that is ethical, sound and brilliant in the management of both financial and personal wellbeing...

Lunga Mpofane

I would like to thank you for your great service and assistance you have given me in regards to my finances. I have made a great progress and learned a lot about money. I'm really grateful for being there anytime when I need advice.

Phumla Ndzamela

We want to listen.

When last did you talk about your dreams, your passions and your fears. What drives you? We want to hear your story.

Lesego Monareng CFP®

Lesego has over 17 years wealth management experience. She has spent 10 years in corporate working in niche wealth management firms, insurance and one of SA's private banks before founding KLU Wealth. She has Bcom:Economics and Econometrics majoring in Investment Management  ( UJ) and an Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (UFS) .She is a qualified Certified Financial Planner and member of the FPI (Financial planning Institute of Southern Africa).

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