Wealth creation and saving are habits that are learnt and transferred.



Investing is about getting one’s money to make money and to protect one’s wealth against the corrosive effects of inflation. We have developed a solid investment philosophy that has served our clients well since the start of the business.


Life in retirement has become extremely expensive and due to the fact that we are also expected to live longer, majority of us will most likely outlive our retirement savings.

One of the common contributors is that in reality, our living expenses and financial responsibilities (children, parents, liabilities etc.) usually last beyond our 50s, which leaves a shorter investment time for retirement. Retirement planning becomes the least of priorities depending on your life stage and financial responsibilities.

We help our clients to plan properly so that they can retire comfortably and maintain their lifestyles in retirement. We consider various retirement investment vehicles, tax benefits and the liquidity restrictions of those investments vehicles.


Your biggest asset is the ability to earn an income, we help you protect it. This risk may be posed to you through any unknown future event such as death, disability, illness future events or retrenchment. Minimizing your risk of financial loss, through insurance, is an important part of financial planning.

We will provide you with comprehensive advice on risk insurance, covering such key areas as life, critical illness, disability and income protection insurance.

We will also help put in place the cover that you require, using an objective cost benefit assessment of reputable financial solutions.


  • Employee financial wellness: group workshops on various financial well being topics
  • Employee benefits: advice and structuring of employee benefit schemes
  • Corporate risk planning: we take time to understand your business structure, objectives & risks and advice on the necessary insurances to suit your needs
  • Corporate investments: large cash management solutions and long-term investments
  • Succession Planning: advice on how to live beyond your practice/business


70% of working South African do not have wills.

This is still one of the most important documents you will sign during your lifetime. It ensures that you have full control of who and how your loved ones will inherit their legacy. In the absence of a will, the wrong people may inherit from your estate. We help reduce this risk.

This process is crucial must coincide with signing a will. It is a realistic analysis that assist you to understand what happens beyond the funeral, do you have enough to cover your liabilities, who gets what after all expenses and how long does it take and what happens in between.

KLU Wealth Estate Services is a division that is specifically designed to assist with the drafting of new trusts. This is for the protection and management of assets for the benefit of its beneficiaries. Our process will guide you in all he in-and outs regarding Trusts and the management thereof.

KLU Wealth Estate Service assists you to adhere to the Trust Property Act in relation to administration and management of your Trust. This is a critical element of ensuring the outcomes of the trust deed are executed meticulous ensuring compliance and protection of assets as required from trustees.

We assist with the effective winding up of estates. We have partnered with experts in this field to provide a one-stop shop with regards to the timeous and smooth transfer of assets even in a difficult time such as death.