Being entrepreneurial, following your dreams and starting something new is exciting and can be extremely rewarding. But… not being able to find reliable, competent staff is a common problem.

Realising that employees are sometimes a reflection of their employer is a helpful first step towards nurturing your human capital. This is not to say that your staff are useless because you are useless – not at all! This is just a recognition that you play a key role in the foundation and growth of your business, that you can turn things around.

As you grow you will know that it is impossible to control every system in a thriving business without burning yourself out. You must learn to trust your team and delegate roles, the feeling of accountability can inspire greater initiative in your employees. That being said, it is also prudent to have procedures in place whereby human error is minimized and efficiency maximized.

Here are four key factors that, I believe, contribute to the overall success and synergy of a well-composed company:

Cast a Compelling Vision

A persuasive and clearly defined vision statement lets your team know what goals and ideals they should be committed to working towards. Sharing the same vision provides a framework for acceptable behaviour in the office as well as a central philosophy for customer service.

Having this unified mindset keeps teams on the same wavelength, working co-operatively and harmoniously.

Set Smart Goals

A vision statement forms the ethos by which your goals will be achieved. Goals need to be specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented and time-based (SMART). This will provide greater incentive than open-ended tasks without deadlines.

Dare to Define Responsibility

Employees need to know their boundaries and areas of responsibility to prevent unnecessary duplication. Each member should be aware of their specialised role within the team. You can implement this by giving action plans to individuals as well as appropriate titles, written contracts, detailed job descriptions and a line of reporting. This will provide them with a clear overview of their duties, a channel for feedback and a feeling of valued belonging.

Have Healthy Risks

Business teams are in a constant state of change – they are either growing together or moving apart. Without being open to a degree of risk, you threaten to stifle your team’s creativity and performance.

Having a qualified and productive team of employees can make or break a business. It is important to have a committed team that you can rely on to handle business objectives independently leaving you to ponder the future growth of the business. Don’t be afraid of growth, don’t stay away from change!

Source: Fin24

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