Once again we are at the end of another month and I hope that the year has been going well for all! Regardless of how well things are going, there is always something that we can address and change in our lives to hopefully bring about a good change!

From changing our eating habits to being more observant of the world around us, here are some more money saving tips to help you plan for a future of financial success:

    Meat is expensive, especially when compared to the nutritional value that fruits and vegetables provide. Simply changing around your regular meal portions to include more veggies can make a difference to both your health and your pocket! Eating a smaller steak and a larger helping of green beans will be cheaper and more healthy (saving on health costs!). The only caveat is that fruits and veg only stay ripe for so long, so eat them while you can.
    As the temperature begins to dip, more people will turn to fireplaces, gas and oil heaters to keep their homes warm. Having leaks where air can get out causes you to lose heat, thereby using more wood, gas and electricity. Spending an afternoon air-sealing your home will keep it insulated, so you stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Not only will you keep the warm air in, you’ll keep the cold air out!
    Also – keep a blanket on the couch and in your home office to stay warm when you’re up late into the night without having to turn up the heat.
    If you enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage, home brewing has become a popular hobby that is both fun and frugal. It’s a great activity to do with a group of friends, splitting the costs of equipment and ingredients to get a custom craft beer at a reasonable price! If you’re really good at it – you can even use it to turn a profit…

Ultimately, these tips are about carefully considering your levels of consumption; when saving you need to either cut back or find an alternative path to your goal. Although staying happy and healthy are more important than saving every last cent, there are ways that you can cover all of these bases!

In need of financial advice? Let’s get creative and let’s get in touch!

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