Last time we went over some basic procedures to reduce risk after an accident has occurred. Now we go into some of the finer details that you should pay attention to and note down, but above all remember to keep your cool. These scenarios are stressful for everyone involved.

Collect basic information
You will have a much easier time making an insurance claim if accident information is properly gathered and written down. Include a short description of what happened, the exact time of the accident, the full names of drivers involved, ID numbers, contact details, home and office addresses and the names of any passengers. Also note the registration and licence disk numbers of the involved vehicles and the names of any traffic or police officers that arrive on the scene. Names of witnesses to the accident or people that came to assist can also help.

Collect detailed information
In cases of more serious accidents where facts may be disputed this is especially important. Taking pictures on your mobile phone can be of great help to assessors, but don’t tamper with evidence or post anything on social media that could jeopardise your legal position or incriminate others. Also record details about the direction of travel, weather, visibility, road condition, details about damage to the vehicles and short witness statements if available.

Don’t intoxicate yourself
While you might be inclined to ‘calm your nerves’ it is very important to remain sober to record exactly what happened and make statements. If you are given any medication by medical personnel remember to ask what it is and tell the police about it before making a statement.

Report the accident to the Police
It is a legal requirement that all road accidents must be reported to police within 24 hours. Don’t forget to take your driver’s licence and ID with you.

We hope that you don’t find yourself in this situation. However, if you do, remember that the wellbeing of those involved is more important than any damage the vehicles might have sustained. Safe travels!

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