Crafty Gift Ideas

When it comes to gifts they say it’s the thought that counts. While it’s great to receive the latest gadget that you’ve been eyeing for a while, it won’t be nearly as heartfelt as a one-of-a-kind handmade gift.

You can save money and creatively tackle your gift list this year with some crafty gift ideas.

The best thing to do is to upcycle “junk” into something useful and valuable.

Paint dipped kitchen utensils
paint dipped utensils

For customized kitchen utensils that are not only functional but also look great check out this tutorial at ( This project is far from breaking the bank and you can easily make the utensils to match the interior of the kitchen!

Teacup Candle
teacup cinammon candle

Candles are mesmerising, some might say you can never have enough candles (especially when there’s load-shedding!) The awesome part of making homemade candles is that they can fit into any vessel, creating a retro-chic style.

Old tea tins, egg cups, tea cups or even cinnamon sticks, you are only limited by your imagination. You can find a tutorial for candle-making over at (

Tea Tray from an old frame
frame tray

Turning an old frame into a functional tea tray is as simple as adding a pair of handles, some thick cardboard for the center and a fresh lick of paint. (

Drawer into Jewellery Organizer
drawer jewelry organizer

Adding a fresh coat of paint and some wall hooks can turn a discarded typeset desk drawer into a compartmentalised jewellery organizer - a gift that any jewelry fanatic would love. (

The point that I’m trying to get across is that there is value all around us, we just need the inspiration to repurpose and not be wasteful. If you’ve ever frequented Pinterest or Etsy you will know that handcrafted gifts are more popular than ever. In a time where money buys (almost) everything, sacrificing our time for another is the ultimate gift and it will be truly appreciated.

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