Ccavenue Sub Merchant Agreement Demo

As businesses shift to online transactions, payment gateways have become an essential tool for successful e-commerce. CCAvenue is one such payment gateway that helps businesses accept and manage online payments.

Sub merchants on CCAvenue are businesses that use the platform to accept payments for their products or services. To become a sub merchant on CCAvenue, one must sign a sub merchant agreement.

So, what exactly is a CCAvenue sub merchant agreement? And how does one sign it?

A CCAvenue sub merchant agreement is a legal contract between CCAvenue and a sub merchant. The agreement outlines the terms and conditions for using the CCAvenue payment gateway and specifies the roles and responsibilities of both parties.

To sign the agreement, the sub merchant must first create an account on the CCAvenue website. Once logged in, the sub merchant can access the “Sub Merchant Agreement” section under the “Settings” tab.

The sub merchant must then read and agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement before submitting the application. The application process may require the sub merchant to provide certain business and personal identification documents.

Once the sub merchant agreement is signed and approved, the sub merchant can begin accepting payments through the CCAvenue payment gateway.

The CCAvenue sub merchant agreement also provides details on fees and charges associated with using the payment gateway. These fees may include transaction processing fees, annual maintenance fees, and chargeback fees.

It is essential for sub merchants to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of the CCAvenue sub merchant agreement before signing it. Any violations of the agreement may result in account suspension or termination.

In conclusion, the CCAvenue sub merchant agreement is a crucial step for businesses looking to use the payment gateway for online transactions. By signing the agreement, sub merchants can access a secure and efficient payment processing system that can help them grow their online business.