Hunting for a bargain takes time and effort and only certain items are worth that effort, you have to weigh up the advantages versus the cost. As a follow on from our last blog post… here are some more to pointers for a good bargain hunting acumen.

Be prepared to negotiate
Don’t feel bad for trying to negotiate a better deal, it happens the world over. Most established retail outlets won’t negotiate, but roadside stalls and second-hand sellers usually have some wiggle room. If you appear smitten over an item then you are less likely to get a better offer, comment on flaws and act as though you might walk away at any minute. Start your offer low and work your way up.

Cash is king
Buying with cash gives you strong negotiating power, especially when it comes to big ticket items. If you are in a robust financial position use cash buying to your advantage. Having the cash flow available allows you to push the price down and buy immediately when you spot a bargain, putting the seller out of their misery with cash in pocket and beating other buyers to the punch. Ask for a cash discount, it never hurts to ask.

Phone them up
Phoning around to compare prices uses much less time and money. You can check if items are in stock, quickly find out who has the best deal for you and you will save on petrol.

Go online
There are some really great bargains to be found when scouring online classified websites. Sites like Gumtree and OLX are free and easy to use, the sellers also don’t have overheads to worry about which can keep the prices nice and low (don’t forget to factor in travelling costs). Make sure that you inspect the item before purchasing and try to negotiate a better price. It is best to meet buyers/sellers in a public place and to tell someone where you are going, online scams are a harsh reality. Don’t be paranoid, but have your wits about you. Also, keep a lookout for daily deals offered by online retailers that deliver, such as

Some last minute, quick-fire tips:
If you know someone in the industry that your product relates to, ask their advice. A good mechanic can stop you from buying a lemon. If you spot a truly great deal on consumable, but non-perishable, goods then buy in bulk and stock up for a couple of months. The special might not be there a week from now.

Happy bargain hunting!

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