Bruce Cameron, finance writer for Personal Finance, recently published an article highlighting the concerning statistics that most South Africans, who are currently employed, may be seriously under-assured for death or disability cover.

His opening paragraph reads as follows:

“The vast majority of 13 million employed South Africans are ignoring the fact that, if they die prematurely or are permanently disabled, their families will not be able to maintain their standard of living – in fact, most will be left destitute.”

It’s a well-written article that is very sobering and somewhat overwhelming with facts and figures.  The bottom line is fairly straightforward and is the main message for you to take home.  There is a very high chance that you, your family and your friends could all be in for a shock if the breadwinner in the family is taken too early or finds themselves disabled and unable to continue earning an income.

These are never nice things to think about, but with the information available to us, it’s crucial to include these factors into your financial plan.  I speak with clients, week in and week out, about how they know that they should be investing in these assurance products, but just don’t see it as a priority in their portfolio.

This article from Cameron, one of the country’s leading financial writers, could not put this message across any stronger.  He is passionate about helping people plan, protect and grow their money.Sometimes the clouds gather before the storm.  Sometimes they don’t. Everyone is different and has a unique set of needs and goals.  My recommendation, after reading this article myself, is to make an appointment to see me and discuss your risk products in your portfolio.

Make sure you and your family of covered when the storm comes.

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