5 Father’s Day gifts that are a great investment

Whatever you do, don’t forget Father’s Day, which is coming up in South Africa on Sunday, 18th June. After all that our dads have done for us, the least we can do is show them how much we care. And if your father is like many other fathers – in that he loves to save a bit of cash – here are five gifts that will give him high returns, no matter how the markets are performing.

1. Sous vide cooker
Is your dad a bit of an amateur chef at heart? Then buy him a sous vide cooker and give him the chance to cut costs by cooking for everyone more frequently. This method basically involves cooking food for a long time in a heated water bath, making it an incredibly easy technique with reliable results. The steaks will rival any in a restaurant, meaning that he’ll save money on dining out and no food will ever be wasted on his watch.


2. Solar-powered anything
From a solar-powered Bluetooth speaker, to a solar backpack, you can’t go wrong with these environmentally friendly and cost-efficient gadgets. If your dad likes anything to do with the great outdoors, a solar-powered backpack will keep a USB device charged so that he can stay connected whether he’s golfing, hiking, fishing or camping. And if he’s a world-class entertainer, then a Bluetooth speaker will have the party pumping at his next braai for up to 10 hours – so he can raise the roof without raising his electricity bill.

3. Craft Beer Monthly Club subscription
Give your Dad the gift that just keeps on giving. “A curated collection of the latest craft beers and old-time favourites” will be delivered to his door by YuppieChef each month and will save him lots of Rand on beer supplies throughout the year. He can also become a bit of an aficionado thanks to the online tasting notes that come with each case.


4. Gym membership
To balance out his beer or boerie intake, make sure he keeps fit and agile by buying him a year’s gym membership. Not only will you be investing in your dad’s good health – and could potentially save him on medical expenses – but the gym is also a great place for him to socialise, which will keep his mind as well as his body active. You could even throw in a few sessions with a personal trainer to get him into the swing of things.

5. WiFi-enabled smart switch
Is your Dad always getting grumpy at lights being left on? Then give him the power to turn a switch off from anywhere, simply by using his smartphone. Some switches will even allow him to monitor the energy used.

In the spirit of thinking about the bigger picture in our current financial climate, hopefully one of these presents will be the perfect long-term investment for him.

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