Five apps to get for your best year yet

We’ve all done it – made New Year’s resolutions and never fulfilled them. This January, why not get some little helpers instead? These apps will make 2019 a breeze.

The ‘be more mindful’ resolution substitution: Kyō
Most productivity apps help you try and cram more into your already busy day, but Kyō does the opposite. The Kyō app helps the user to reflect at the end of each day on what was truly important, what was truly accomplished in terms of what really matters in life and to be grateful for it all. Not everyone is into journaling, so a big plus is that you can record voice notes, add pictures and write stuff. There’s even help from the pros in terms of interviews with meditation experts, gurus and fellow entrepreneurs who’ve got it right.

The ‘exercise more’ resolution substitution: Done
The best way to create a healthier lifestyle is to cultivate a habit. Done makes this a cinch, with a visual and un-preachy interface that allows you to input your new desire habit or habits and then tick them off each day, getting a sense of accomplishment as you do. The best part? It tracks your progress and sends you reminders and reports.

The ‘better productivity at work’ resolution substitution: Forest
Sometimes, to get more done, we need to do less, by blocking out distractions while focusing on a task. The famous ‘pomodoro technique’ is a great way to do this, but no one really likes to hear an egg timer or alarm clock going off all the time and making you think you’re back in school. Enter Forest: a timer-based app that blocks your use of all other apps on your phone for that set time and, instead of ringing annoyingly, makes a tree grow while you work. Over the set time it sprouts branches and leaves that will die if you look at your phone too early. It’s a great reminder that you’re not just finishing that one report – you’re trying to cultivate a lifestyle and make something grow.

The ‘be more informed’ resolution substitution: Overcast
Experts the world over agree that being well-read is the number one key to thought leadership in an uncertain future. At least an hour a day. But who has time? You need audiobooks or, even better, podcasts. Get informed on your morning commute, at the gym or standing in queues at the grocery store. Curate all your best ones and find new favourites with Overcast.

You’re welcome.

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